Excerpts from One Blue Wall

This is a section for pieces that couldn't completely fit in One Blue Wall. Enjoy:

David's Darlings
by Brittany Downard
2013 Edition of One Blue Wall
He saw her. A blonde haired female in a clingy dress brushed past David. He gripped the table tighter then usual and swept his black bangs away from his icy blue eyes to observe her. She’d be perfect to silence. David bit his lip, cringing at his own thought. He had already silenced enough females for numerous lifetimes; he didn’t need to add one more beauty to his collection. His psychologist, Dr. Wheeler, who was a female as well, had taught him to think of things that made him happy when he thought of silencing, or in her words, “killing,” a female.
            A woman screaming in pain, begging for me to stop, for me to silence her already. A woman slowly being exsanguinated as I sharpened my meat cleaver. He growled lowly and gulped down scolding hot coffee, hoping to get the images out of his head. He let her go. David turned and picked up his coat and shrugged it on as he entered the misty street. He pulled his collar closer to his neck, everyone’s weakness. Whenever he had been the Beauty Butcher, after he toyed with his darlings, he would slit their throat from ear to ear.
            He had gotten caught after he took Alice, his favorite darling of them all. She was about 14 and was a brunette. She had basically begged him to take her, so how could he resist? She walked past him and met his eyes, only to turn away. He knew she wanted him to pursue her, so when her mother left her, he got her. She tried to act hard-to-get, but he knew under the fear in her beautiful gray eyes, she was the happiest girl in the world. He had tied her in his basement, gagging her with a napkin. For some odd reason she wouldn’t stop screaming for someone to “save” her. Didn’t she know that is what he was going to do? Why was she struggling? He only wanted another darling to love.
            Eventually a neighbor had heard some commotion and the police had come. While they were at the doorstep, they heard her rattle some of the chains near her and the men came in and took his darling away. He hadn’t even got to play with her yet, he had been sharpening his butcher knife for the event. No matter, he didn’t need anymore darlings. A woman about the age of 20 ran past him and called a taxi. He smelt her perfume as he passed by and clenched his fist in his trench coat.
            Why did women tempt him so? Dr. Wheeler had healed him from “taking what was not his.” Why did he still want more? Because you want what you cannot have. He gritted his teeth and continued walking down the street. Every woman that passed him didn’t know that he had mentally silenced them multiple times in his mind. He kept walking forward, making a b-line for his apartment.
            “David, you must understand that not every woman has or will treat you as your mom did.Dr. Wheeler ran her fingers through her hair and looked him in the eye. “Most of them will give a glance and continue on with their day. Not every single woman is criticizing you.”
            That is a lie! His dark passenger shouted in his head, while he put on his regular fa├žade, “I understand now, thank you Dr. Wheeler. I apologize for thinking such. You are such a helpful darling.” Dr. Wheeler pressed her red lips into a fine line and he had known he was not off the hook quite yet.
            Dr. Wheeler would have been a wonderful darling. He would silence her with pleasure. She talked too much, and reminded him of his mother; his reason for silencing women and women only. No man has harmed him, except when they tried to get his darlings. But they were his no more. He didn’t need to silence them. He didn’t! A sudden force propelled him forward, scraping his face against the damp concrete. He grumbled and felt someone get off of him.
            “Oh my God! I am so sorry!” A shrill voice called out behind him and attempted to lift him off the ground. “I was just trying to keep myself dry! So sorry!” David turned and saw a teenage girl with dark brown eyes and black hair. She was beautiful.
            “Oh no it’s fine.” He smiled, and he saw her shoulders relax.
            “Is there anything I can do? Buy you a coffee? A new coat?” She continued offers, and he slightly wondered what she would say to him if he asked if she’d become one of his darlings.
            “No, no, maybe just accompany me to my apartment? It would be nice to have someone to talk to on the way there. It’s only a few blocks away, not very far at all.” The female eyed him somewhat warily, unsure if she could trust him or not. Oh right, humans smile to reassure others. David flashed a 10,000 watt smile, his blue eyes beaming at the young woman. He could hear her gasp, and blood rushed to her face, she bit her lip.
            “O-of course.” The woman walked next to him and he looked over at her once more.
            “So what brings you over here? Surly a beautiful girl like you wouldn’t live in these parts of town. That could be dangerous for such a decadent, dainty beauty such as yourself.” David felt himself salivating, thinking about how beautiful she would be to be in his collections, maybe one of the most beautiful he’s ever owned. How smooth her skin looked. Oh David! You have been released from prison and had to go through years of therapy. You do not need to kill anymore. Dr. Wheeler’s voice bounced around in his head.
            “Silence,” David hissed under his breath at Dr. Wheeler’s voice. He didn’t kill he silenced.
            “Excuse me?” The girl walking next to David questioned.
            “Oh nothing, I am sorry. I just remembered an appointment I had tomorrow. Ah, here is my house, right on the left.” They turned and walked to his door. He turned, flashing his dazzling smile once more. “Want to come in? I have fresh baked banana bread and I can make some quick coffee.” He could see her hesitate, her brown eyes shifting as were her feet.
            “Oh… well… I… uh…” David stepped closer, nearly pressed against her as he whispered in her ear.
            “No worries, I’ll treat you like a princess… my beauty.” A shudder went down the girls’ spine and she blushed once more, and ducked under David to enter his apartment. He lit up and shut the door behind them, earning himself another Darling.

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